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Mistress Kitty forces her slave to lick her sexy - but dirty - high heels clean in the woods. The slave has to suck all the dirt from the shoe soles and when he missed a spot Kitty just kicks him in the face - that'll teach him a lesson!

BBW mistress Cathy loves to crush her little slaves underneath her powerful feet and her massive weight. Today she's wearing cute black shoes first, but takes them off after a few minutes to punish her slave under her stinky bare feet.

Italian mistress Kristina is wearing a sexy black bikini and smothers guy under her great ass and pussy. As Kristina is a professional wrestler the guy has no chance to fight her off - he's trapped under her ass and his life is at her mercy!

Claire tramples a guy's hands under her black boots. She walks over them, grinds them under her shoes or stomps down on them! This French mistress really wants to destroy his hands!

Mistress Claudia wants to punish this loser slave and walks on a parking lot with him on a leash - but that's not humiliating enough! She makes him lick all 4 dirty rims of her car in public while everyone can see him! In the end she orders him into the trunk and drives away.

Turkish facesitting mistress Ceylan has no respect for men - especially not for white men! She just sits down on this handcuffed guy's face and smothers him under her great ass just covered with a tiny thong. She humiliates him verbally by asking him how her Turkish ass smells and tells him that he better likes it and gets used to it as she'll use him as her seat regularly from now on!

Mistress Sue loves to trample guys - especially their heads and faces as it's usually the body part hurting most in trampling. She already took of her nylons and now steps on the guy's face with her sexy bare feet. She's really trying to crush his face under her soft foot soles and often places her full weight on only one foot to cause maximum pressure and pain!

Liz has been doing martial arts for years and is an extremely well trained fighter. She literally uses this guy as her human punching bag. She kicks him, beats him and when he falls to the ground she's immediately all over him - brutalizing him even more while verbally humiliating him for losing a fight against a girl.

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