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Mistress Lola found it rather odd that her boyfriend wanted to be spanked and she wondered what crazy fetish he was into but since she was open to trying new things, she agreed. She had a great time stripping him and placing him on her laps and spanking him with a wooden instrument. She was shocked at how that action turned him on and she knew it was important to him. And he fucked her like he had never before.

Goddess Chanel does not like anyone messing with her money. You can mess with anything of hers but not her money. And she wanted the guy to learn that she was dead serious about it and she did not want him to repeat his mistake. That is why she trampled and humiliated him with her shoes while he was naked and inflicted a lot of pain to him. He never repeated it again.

Mistress Alexandra and her friend mistress Ezada are friends and their husbands are friends as well. And the mistresses found out that their husbands had cheated on them when they had lied to them that they were going for a boys trip. The mistresses took their men to the woods and they made them lick their dirty shoes as punishment for what they did and to make sure it never happened again.

Mistress Zora felt that the best thing to do to this guy was to dominate him physically as well as financially. And she did not hesitate to do either as she felt that it suited him well and that he had to learn never to mess with her. So she did what she does best and she made him lick her soles and when he was done, he paid her for what she did to him.

Princess Quinn was on a mission to make this guy cry and she did it in a way he had never experienced before. The mistress stripped the guy and when she was done, she used her sneakers to trample his balls. He was in pain as he had never had his balls crushed before. He cried but she was not moved by his tears and she went on punishing him.

Mistress Anna wanted to try things she had never tried before. And it so happened that this guy pissed her off and she used that chance to try pee fetish on him. The mistress laughed at the guy as he struggled to drink her urine and she made sure he learned his lesson. The mistress had a lot of fun and managed to scare the guy and make him obey every command she gave.

Mistress Alexandra wanted to dominate this girl because she was not obedient. The mistress felt that she needed to take care of the girl and she did it with her whip. She stripped her naked before she used the whip on her naked butt. The girl was in the pain of a lifetime and it taught her a lesson she had never been taught before. That is what changed her.

Mistress Anita did not feel like her roommates respected her space and her privacy. She got home from work and she was tired and wanted some rest but they did not give her space for it. They were loud and kept interfering with her. She snapped and she slapped the shit out of both of them and shocked them to the core. They never did that nonsense with her again.

This mistress wanted to degrade this guy and she did it as cruelly as she could. She did it with her strapon as she ass fucked him. He was in a lot of pain and it was also emasculating. But she did not care and she knew that it would lead him to do things her way. So he learned his lesson painfully and he never did what she did not want.

Mistress Zora wanted to use kinky femdom to dominate this loser and she knew that it was up to her to dominate as well as humiliate him in order to punish him and make sure he was obedient and he did things her way. The mistress used her hot ass to facesit him and choke him like she had wanted to do. And it was fun for her but it was not the same for him.

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