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This guy loves to steal designer shoes and sell them cheaply and he tried it today with mistress Luisa but she caught him and she did not let him escape with just an apology. He had to feel the pain and humiliation that came with what he had tried to do. And that is how he found himself licking her soles as well as being trampled while he was naked.

Mistress Cynthia was about to get married and it was a few days to the wedding and she knew her wilding days were over. She had to change and embrace the role of a wife in the coming days and also that of a mother thereafter. So she went out in style by getting her eaten, something she had never done before and was in her bucket list. She loved it.

Mistress BlackCat was on a mission to make this guy fear lying. He was a liar per excellence and she felt that she owed it to humanity to do something to him and that is why she chose to kick him hard in the nuts. And he learned his lesson because she did not want him to backslide after that punishment. It had to be the sort of punishment that he would never forget.

This guy spanked this mistress and he thought he had done something naughty and that she would like it. But he was shocked when he learned that she was pissed and she went ahead to crush him with her heels. She kicked him in the nuts and he cried and begged for forgiveness but she did not listen to him. She went on doing her thing and ignored his cries and pleas.

Mistress Elizabeth likes to dominate people and today she wanted to make this guy cry. She did not hesitate to torture the guy and she used her kinky femdom to do it. The mistress laughed at the guy as he cried as she trampled him with her high heels. She called him a sissy and laughed at him because she saw how scared of her he was. She was sure he would not mess with her again.

This loser had messed up and it was time for him to face the music. Mistress Cat looked for him and she invited her friends to help her beat the shit out of him. The mistresses cruelly turned him into a human trampoline and tortured him like he had never been tortured before. The mistresses made sure that the guy cried and pissed himself before they were done with him.

Goddess Antonella wanted to torture this guy because he had messed with her sister and she was not going to let anyone mess with her sister. The mistress punished him because she had to look out for her. And when she crushed him with her high heels, he cried and begged her for mercy but she ignored him and laughed at him instead. He had to know messing with her sister was a ticket to pain and humiliation.

When this mistress's husband cheated on her and she found out, she knew that she had to do something to him which was to use her strapon to fuck him in the ass. He was straight and so he had never done it before. So she used her strapon to fuck him and she did not use lube. He felt pain he had never felt before and he cried and never cheated again.

This mistress does not like stingy guys and this guy was one of them. The mistress felt knew he had a thing for her especially since she has a big ass and a big pair of tits. So she used them to tease him and got him turned on only for her to deny him and leave him high and dry. He begged her but she did not listen to her.

Goddess Alice paid this woman to do certain things for her and she was disappointed with how the woman acted. She had to remind the girl who she was and why whatever she had done was never to be done again ever. So goddess Alice had her lie down and she slapped the taste out of her mouth and made sure that the scared woman would never repeat her mistake.

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