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Mistress Lola found it rather odd that her boyfriend wanted to be spanked and she wondered what crazy fetish he was into but since she was open to trying new things, she agreed. She had a great time stripping him and placing him on her laps and spanking him with a wooden instrument. She was shocked at how that action turned him on and she knew it was important to him. And he fucked her like he had never before.

This guy loves to steal designer shoes and sell them cheaply and he tried it today with mistress Luisa but she caught him and she did not let him escape with just an apology. He had to feel the pain and humiliation that came with what he had tried to do. And that is how he found himself licking her soles as well as being trampled while he was naked.

Mistress Zephy noticed that her pool cleaning guy was not doing a stellar job like he had been doing and she was disappointed to him. She had to make him realize that she would not let him get away with it so she used kinky femdom to pass that message and also to scare the shit out of him. The fear led him to do his work to her expectations.

Lady Phoenix and her friend had an issue with this moody girl. She had crucial info for them but he did not want to give it to them and that pissed them off. They had to turn him into a human ashtray and they did it without caring about what he felt. That is how she got scared and she cooperated with them so as not to get humiliated again.

Mistress Carla knew that this guy had a crush on her and she took advantage of it to mess with him. She had him tied up and he watched as he bounced her sexy and bubbly ass. She had fun seeing the effect it had on him and she knew that he was dying to fuck her brains out but she was not going to let him. It was a case of tease and deny.

Lady Naomi did not want to have fun with a guy who was a bad kisser. She felt that she had to dominate him and she did it with her ass. The mistress cruelly forced the guy to lie down and she cruelly facesat on him for her own fun and enjoyment. And that is what made him realize that he was a bad kisser and for him to change.

Princess Quinn was on a mission to make this guy cry and she did it in a way he had never experienced before. The mistress stripped the guy and when she was done, she used her sneakers to trample his balls. He was in pain as he had never had his balls crushed before. He cried but she was not moved by his tears and she went on punishing him.

Mistress Elizabeth likes to dominate people and today she wanted to make this guy cry. She did not hesitate to torture the guy and she used her kinky femdom to do it. The mistress laughed at the guy as he cried as she trampled him with her high heels. She called him a sissy and laughed at him because she saw how scared of her he was. She was sure he would not mess with her again.

This loser had messed up and it was time for him to face the music. Mistress Cat looked for him and she invited her friends to help her beat the shit out of him. The mistresses cruelly turned him into a human trampoline and tortured him like he had never been tortured before. The mistresses made sure that the guy cried and pissed himself before they were done with him.

Goddess Antonella wanted to torture this guy because he had messed with her sister and she was not going to let anyone mess with her sister. The mistress punished him because she had to look out for her. And when she crushed him with her high heels, he cried and begged her for mercy but she ignored him and laughed at him instead. He had to know messing with her sister was a ticket to pain and humiliation.

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