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This mistress could tell that this girl did not know how to give good head. And she humiliated her for fun and also to do her a favor and teach her to do it. So she used her feet to teach her. The girl had to lick the mistress' face and even smell her stinky socks when she did not do it the way she instructed her. And the same was repeated until she did it right. Then the mistress made her pay her for the training.

Mistress Gaia does not tolerate misbehavior from her slave and when he did, she used her kinky femdom fetish to punish him. He was turned into a human pony and when the mistress was done punishing him with that, she stripped him naked and she crushed his nuts. He cried because of the pain he felt and that was when it hit her that he could not mess with her.

Mistress Cynthia was about to get married and it was a few days to the wedding and she knew her wilding days were over. She had to change and embrace the role of a wife in the coming days and also that of a mother thereafter. So she went out in style by getting her eaten, something she had never done before and was in her bucket list. She loved it.

Mistress Morgane did not want this slave to talk to her because he had a stinky mouth and she was tired of telling him to observe oral hygiene. She had to make it painful for him so that he changed so she trampled him with her stinky feet so that he realized what she was telling him. It was not only painful for him, but it was also humiliating as well.

Mistress Thalia wanted to scare her competitor so that he never messed with her and so that he did not employ underhand tactics to try and get ahead of her. She knew he was fond of shortcuts and introducing counterfeits in an effort to beat her and she did not want that. So she used her kinky femdom to punish him. He was choked by her and he cried and agreed not to play unfairly.

Lady Naomi wanted total obedience from her slave and that is why she chose to scare him with her strapon. She told him how she was going to fuck him in the ass and he got so scared that he never wanted to deal with him at all. The mistress laughed at the guy as he got scared and made him agree to do what she had asked him to do.

Mistress Nica knew her neighbor's wife had traveled and that was why he was hitting on her. She was pissed about it and had to teach him to learn to be faithful to his wife. So she turned him into a foot licker and had him lick the soles of her gumboots. He cried and wished he had done what she asked him but he did not and it was a liability for him.

Goddess Vivienne had paid this mechanic some good money for him to work on her car but he did not do a good job. The problem she had paid for to be fixed was not fixed as it recurred after 2 days with the car and she was pissed. So she hunted him down and she trampled and crushed him until he agreed to do it again and this time for free.

Goddess Kiffa did not want her slave to get used to being naked in the house so she did what she does best so as to make sure he changed. She did not want a pervert in the house and she did not want to be made uncomfortable in her own house so she trampled the loser using her bare feet and she did it while he was naked for maximum pain and impact.

Goddess Kiffa was not pleased with the actions of this couple and she had to make sure that they did things the way she wanted and that she punished them so that they did not repeat the mistakes they had made. So she lay on her bed and she got them to lick her feet as well as suck her toes. They had to do it or else the punishment would have gotten worse.

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