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Lady Naomi wanted total obedience from her slave and that is why she chose to scare him with her strapon. She told him how she was going to fuck him in the ass and he got so scared that he never wanted to deal with him at all. The mistress laughed at the guy as he got scared and made him agree to do what she had asked him to do.

Mistress Alexandra wanted to dominate this girl because she was not obedient. The mistress felt that she needed to take care of the girl and she did it with her whip. She stripped her naked before she used the whip on her naked butt. The girl was in the pain of a lifetime and it taught her a lesson she had never been taught before. That is what changed her.

This mistress was so pissed at this loser that she felt that the most appropriate thing to do to her was to turn her into a foot slave. She forced her to lick her dirty and muddy boots and then trampled her with the same boots. The girl was so shocked and scared that she did all she was asked out of fear of pissing her further and being dominated further.

Miss Medea is not the kind of person to joke with and that is what this loser found out when he tried to steal from her. The mistress used her strapon to fuck the guy in the ass. And in no time, the guy was in the pain of a lifetime. He wished he had never tried to steal from her but it was too late. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Anita did not feel like her roommates respected her space and her privacy. She got home from work and she was tired and wanted some rest but they did not give her space for it. They were loud and kept interfering with her. She snapped and she slapped the shit out of both of them and shocked them to the core. They never did that nonsense with her again.

Princess Serena turned this loser into her human ashtray and she had a great time torturing and humiliating him. The mistress went ahead and she smoked as he watched. She told him all the things she wanted to do to him and he got scared shitless. Then she went ahead and she did all those things she had told him and he screamed in pain as she did those things.

This girl was too proud of herself. And in her pride, she disrespected madame Marissa. She was not going to allow it and that is why she chose to punish her and do it in a cruel manner. The mistress chose to stomp on the girl so that she would never try anything similar to what she had done by being disrespectful to her. The punishment worked and she never did.

This mistress wanted to torture this guy for thieving. The mistress wanted him never to steal anything ever again so she crushed him while he was naked. The mistress stomped him from head to toe and she laughed at him as he cried and begged for mercy. She did not show him any. She only continued doing what she had started to make sure she achieved her aim of making sure he never did it again.

Princess Serena was offended by the kind of remarks this guy had made and she wanted to punish him. The mistress chose to do it the painful way and she did so by pinching his nipples painfully. She did this while he was naked so that he could feel a lot more pain. And it worked. The loser cried like a baby and begged her for mercy before she let him go.

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