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Emely and Saskia are very naughty girls and they like to humiliate her slave brutally. They order him to lie down under the sofa. They sit down on the sofa with their fully weight and humiliate him verbally and put her feet in his face. They stand up and jump up and down on the sofa. The slave needs all his strength and the two girls really enjoy his pain!

Russian beauty Angelina ordered her slave to lie down on the floor and put this heavy couch on his chest - then she just sits down on top and crushes him! This hottie teases us with her hot body, writes some text messages and annoys the slave with her sexy high heel boots. She totally doesn't care about the pressure and pain she inflicts on the slave!

Janine ordered her slave to lie down on the floor and take this big couch on his chest. Now this beautiful mistress just sits down on the couch and crushes him underneath! She lies down, teases him with her gorgeous body and loves to verbally humiliate him. She moves a lot and laughs when her slave isn't able to hold the couch in balance anymore! In the end she just lies down and takes a nap while he's still trapped under the couch!

Daidra knew right from the start that this guy would literally do anything to be near her. Of course she takes advantage of this situation! She orders him to lie down under the couch and sits right down on it. He has to carry the whole weight of her and the couch and try to hold it in balance. She doesn't care about his pain and struggles obviously and uses the comfy setting to call one of her girlfriends and chat about their evening activities!

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