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This mistress was not going to accept any malarkey from this guy. She chose to teach him a lesson and she did it by choking him with her shoes. She found out they were stinky and she knew that was the best way to do it when dominating him. The poor guy had to swallow his pride and do as he had been ordered so as to avoid further punishment.

This mistress did not want to have a bad performance rating because this guy under her was not doing his work the way it was supposed to be done. She trampled him and made sure he learned his lesson. She got him to lick her bare feet and to do all sorts of humiliating things and he had no choice but to do them. He was forced to improve his performance.

Mistress Megan did not want to have sex with her boyfriend so she used a clever way to avoid doing it. She asked her boyfriend to lick her feet and to lick her shoes and the guy was so horny that he chose to do that. She had told him that since she was not in the mood, that was the quickest way to get her turned on. But she was not. Instead, he got turned off.

Mistress Rebeka did not like how late her slave came home. She had warned him about it but it seemed like he did not listen to her. She let him into the house but she hit him as he came inside. She continued all the way to the bedroom where she had him lick her bare feet. She humiliated him and had him promise never to come late again. She told him if he did, he would have only himself to blame.

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