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Goddess Lena used her smoking fetish to dominate and torture these losers. She had given them an assignment but they had not done it to her standards. She was pissed as the work had to be done again. She turned them into her slaves and she trampled them using her high heels as well as with her cigarette. She got them to be her human ashtrays before she let them go.

These two dogs have to clean up the sole of their mistress' boots today. And the better do it perfect, or else she'll get very angry. And they won't get to know what angry means, when she uses them as human ashtray in good mood. She does everything to show her slaves her deep animus by humiliating them hard. They've got to blow her heels like penises while she smokes her cigarette and lick the floor clean after their drooling.

Fallow this extreme domination as my beautiful friend and I humiliate the slave to the fullest. We spit hat him and spit also in his mouth. We use his mouth as a human ashtray and laugh at him. All the time we either punish him by ignorance or verbal humiliation.

Mistress Maeva humiliates her slave in the woods. She first forces him to lick the mud from her boots while she enjoys her cigarette. But of course he has to serve her as a human ashtray too and she spits all over his face and into his mouth!

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