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Mistress Stephanie was out to kill two birds with a single stone and that is why she had her pussy licked and she facesat the guy at the same time. The mistress had a great time doing it but the same could not be said of the loser who was in pain and was humiliated like never before. He had to be beg her for her to stop what she was doing to him.

Mistress Iside wanted to use her charm on this guy and the reason behind it was that she wanted to control him after which she was going to make him do crazy things for her sake. She did not hesitate to make him do those things. And she laughed at him as he struggled to lick her feet and be the foot slave that she had always wanted to have.

This girl refused to lick and worship mistress Lena's feet as she had directed her. She felt that it was disobedience on the part of the girl and since she had to teach her a lesson, she chose to use her feet as well as her high heels to do it. And it was painful since the heels were spiked. The girl wished she had listened to her and worshipped the feet.

Miss Medea is not the kind of person to joke with and that is what this loser found out when he tried to steal from her. The mistress used her strapon to fuck the guy in the ass. And in no time, the guy was in the pain of a lifetime. He wished he had never tried to steal from her but it was too late. He learned his lesson.

Lady Scarlet did not like how this slave was used to making mistakes and she had to find a way to correct him so that he did not continue to make the same mistakes. The mistress shocked the guy by trampling him and making him to choke as she did so. He was so afraid of her as he had never seen that side of her and he changed to avoid finding out more about her.

This mistress wanted to degrade this guy and she did it as cruelly as she could. She did it with her strapon as she ass fucked him. He was in a lot of pain and it was also emasculating. But she did not care and she knew that it would lead him to do things her way. So he learned his lesson painfully and he never did what she did not want.

This girl had wasted mistress Nicole and mistress Mia's time. They did not like what she had done and she had to be punished as well as tamed. That is why the mistresses chose to use their trampling fetish to dominate her. She was forced to lick their boots while they were dirty and she was trampled when she did not cooperate with them. That is how she was made to pay for wasting their time.

Mistress Saida wanted to dominate this loser and she did it with her whip as well as with her cigarette. The mistress turned to the loser and she used her whip to make him learn to do things her way. The mistress felt that the whip was not working the way she wanted it to so she used her cigarette to augment the punishment until he learned an important lesson.

Princess Araya wanted to get this guy to learn never to mess with her and so she used her facesitting to dominate him. The mistress did it and when she was done with that, she went ahead to make him lick her asshole and degrade him. He wished their paths had never crossed as she was making him do crazy and degrading things which he had never thought were possible.

Mistress Zephy has a great ass and her husband is addicted to it. And that is why she loves to do all sorts of things to him. Today she wanted to facesit him and that is what she did to him as he had no choice but to do what she wanted. The mistress cruelly did it for her own fun but she made him think that she was doing it as foreplay and for both their enjoyment.

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