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Princess Adelaide has a foot fetish. She loves to use it to have fun at the expense of slaves. She does not resort to it out of a need to punish anyone or to teach them a lesson. She does it when she wants to relax. The mistress sat back on her couch today and she summoned her slave who knew the drill. He went to work on her feet and licked them and rubbed them until she slept.

Mistress Natasha had traveled but she had not told her slave when she would be back. She came back unexpectedly and she found her slave sleeping in her bed. She was pissed and she used her boots to punish him. She forced him to lick the soles of her shoes and she used the same boots to trample him too. He had never felt as much pain and humiliation like he felt that day.

This mistress does not like liars and her slave was fond of lying. She had warned him but since he did not change, she had to make him change. She specifically targeted his mouth in her punishment. She first of all trampled his mouth using her high heel shoes, then forced him to lick the dirty soles of her high heels before she slapped him and specifically slapped his mouth painfully.

This mistress was at school and she needed a favor. This guy refused to do her the favor she was seeking. So she bid her time and waited for the perfect opportunity to pay him back. When the time came, she made him lick the soles of her dirty shoes while she studied. She humiliated him and made him rue the day he refused to do him a favor and said he will make it up to her.

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