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Madame Marissa was out to degrade this guy. She did not want anything else from him and he knew it. All she wanted was to degrade and to humiliate him and that is what she did as she took him to her backyard and she forced him to lick her muddy boots. The loser was humiliated and he had no choice but to brave it and take it like a man.

This mistress was angered by how uptight and conservative her man was. She had tried everything she could to make him loosen up sexually but he did not. Today she tied him up and she used hot candle wax on him and as he cried, she forced him to agree with what she said and with what she wanted. That is how he allowed her to do naughty things with him.

Mistress Nicole was used to torturing guys and today she wondered how it would feel like to dominate a girl. The mistress lured this girl who thought she was a lesbian and she manhandled her. She had a great time torturing her and she loved the experience especially when she compared it to how she dominated and humiliated guys. She had a great time and planned to do it again.

Mistress Nica loves to make her slaves do things they have never imagined they could ever do. Today the mistress took her slave to the stable and she got him to eat hay and when he was done, she rode him like a pony before she spanked his naked butt. She was punishing him for what he had done the week before but she was too busy to punish him.

Mistress Astra was not pleased with the conduct of this loser and she needed him to change. He did not change because she did not have any leverage over him. He did not know what she was capable of so he did not change. But she showed him what she was capable of by trampling him and choking him using her stinky socks. He changed immediately to avoid another punishment.

Princess Amber wanted to try kinky femdom but she did not have a slave to dominate or humiliate. She had to find a way to get someone to humiliate and she chose to do that to this guy after she had paid him. He had to agree and luckily the money was good and he agreed. She did not feel anything as she had paid him so she cruelly dominated him.

Mistress Gaia was ready to inflict a lot of pain on this loser. She did so because she felt like it and not because he had messed up or did anything wrong. The mistress took him to her torture chambers where she cruelly trampled his face knowing that he could not help himself. In addition to trampling, the mistress whipped him and she laughed at him as he cried and begged for mercy.

Goddess Lena wanted to prove to this guy that he was loser. She was pissed at how he bragged and he was proud. She felt that he would do with some punishment. So she set out to teach him a lesson and she did it by whipping him and when his friend came to plead for his release, she punished him as well and she did the same thing to him.

Mistress Alexandra and her friend do not like loudmouths. They were angered by how much of a loudmouth this loser was. He needed to be punished and he had to be given a deserving punishment. The mistresses chose to make him lick and smell their stinky socks. The mistresses had a great time watching him do it. He had never been as degraded as he was when they tortured him while playing on their phones.

This guy was horny and he wanted to fuck the two mistresses. Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend did not think so and they had to punish him. The mistresses chose to turn him into a human ashtray and when he was done being tortured and dominated with their cigarettes, he was spat on and made to kneel before he was trampled by the mistresses who were not in a hurry to finish torturing him.

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