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Felicity knows how to torture her slave with her full weight; although she's one of the smaller ones, she confronts the chubby belly of her slave with heavy drops and grinds until he can't stand the pain anymore! But he has to take it until she lets him go, and she endures over six minutes smashing her ass on his stomach! This could be very, very painful...but so much fun to watch him suffer also! Haha

This slave is trapped under a large wooden board and 7 mistresses sit down and stand on top of it. They nearly crush him under their combined 400 Kilos, but he has no chance to escape this punishment as has to endure the weight and pressure as long as his mistresses enjoy to make him suffer!

Lady Cathy doesn't use a chair while she prepares herself for a date. She simply commands one of her slaves to get on his knees and she takes place on his back. He must keep her full weight even if she moves a lot!!! That's real human furniture torturing...

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