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Mistress Dana wanted to dominate and humiliate this guy financially so she used her hot ass to do so. She first of all made him hooked to her hot ass as she teased on him, twerked and she also danced for him. She even removed her hot pants and let him get a better view of her ass. And that is how she got him hooked, dominated him financially, and then left him high and dry thereby humiliating him like she wanted.

Lady Veronica did no know this guy and she did not care who he was. She heard him making noise and she went to where he was making noise and she trampled him. It was humiliating and cruel but she did not care. He had to learn never to make noise for other people. It was a bad habit and it was time he learned never to do it if he did not want to be humiliated.

These mistresses did not like how this guy had handled them. He had to be punished and the mistresses did it together at the same time. He was forced to lie down and they trampled him and crushed him as painfully as they could. He cried and begged them for a second chance but the mistresses were not interested in anything he had to say. He had made his bed and had to lie on it.

Goddess Lena was tired of her boyfriend masturbating and she had to do something about it. She felt that the best way to go about it was to cage his dick so that he did not have access to it in order to jerk off. The mistress used a dick lock to do it and he was shocked at what she did and how humiliating it was but it did the trick.

Mistress Astra did not like how her boyfriend gave her the silent treatment. She had hoped he would stop it after a day but he went on. She was so pissed at him that she chose to humiliate him so that if he continued the silent treatment, it would be justified. The guy had to lick her saliva and also lick and chew her stinky socks until he could not take it anymore and he stopped the silent treatment.

Mistress Rebekka punishes people for fun and for money. It depends on what she feels like. Today she did it for money and it was both fun and she made some good money out of it. The mistress enjoyed watching him struggle to endure the pain she caused him. She trampled him with her high heels after she had stripped him naked. She had been given good money and she wanted the punishment to be worth the money.

Princess Taylor had contracted this guy to do some work for her but he did not do a good job. She was not pleased with him and she punished him. And she did this by forcing him to lick her feet as well as endure trampling and stomping from her. She did these things with her bare feet as well as with her boots. He had to redo the work.

Mistress Gaia stripped this employee naked and she whipped him cruelly. He was tied up so that he would not help himself as she did her thing. He had cost mistress Gaia's business some good money and she was not going to let him get away with it. The punishment was for him and for the other employees so that none of them would do what this guy had done.

Madame Marissa was owed some money by this guy. It was a long standing debt and she wanted it paid back immediately. So she went to see the guy and she made sure she used her high heels on him. He was in a lot of pain as she trampled him and made sure she inflicted maximum damage to him. His crying did nothing to make him feel any better.

Lady Anja realized that this guy was watching her and checking her out. She was not pleased with it and she chose to mess with him. She took naughty poses and pretended she did not know he was looking at her. But she did not get naked in case he was taking photos or even videos. She could tell he was getting turned on as one of his hands was inside his pants.

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