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Mistress Lifestyle Diva Maria has her slave wearing just a thong outside in her garden. She wants to humiliate him - so she makes him lick up all the dirt from her boots, she slaps his face several time and then she enjoys to cover his whole body with mud and dirt. She laughs as she see what she has done to him...

Lady Claudia makes her slave doing everything she wants unless it's not humiliating. In this situation she has her doggy slave leashed on chains and makes him lick the wheels of her car. He is made to lick the whole giant wheels, the inner part and also the outer rubber surface. All the dirt has to be swallowed...

Mistress Katja has many different shoes. Each pair needs to be cleaned. Luckily she has her very own human-shoe-cleaning-machine. Of course its a bound up slave who is fixed on the ground. He isn't able to move and shoe by shoe is hold right on his mouth to force him to lick it clean. He performs as wished and licks everything clean...

Before any slave is allowed to sign a slave contract, he is tested and invited to a personal interview. Mistress Cathy gives her slave some different tasks such as being a carpet, kissing her shoes and licking the dirt of their soles or simply worshipping her big bare and pretty feet. It seems like this slave has done a good job and gets one step closer to the total enslavement...

Mistress Lea returns home after partying and dancing with her friends the whole night. She finds her slave bound to a pole just like she left him. She's a little drunk and wants to torture the slave a little bit to amuse herself so she takes off the boots she wore all night and presses the inside right on his nose. He has to smell the intense odor of her boots and just when she takes the boot off his nose she presses her feet in sweat-soaked socks on his face!

This colored adventure will make you become a total slave. Mistress Celine knows how to turn guys like you into useful slaves. She moves her sexy body right in front of the camera, and talks to you very slowly and hypnotically. She's injecting her commands in your brain and links them with special triggers. After watching this clip you will have the desperately intensive crave to worship her.

Mistress Kaylee can't believe you're so obsessed with her that you'd even smell her stinky farts - but as you are she made this POV femdom video for you! She farts right in front of the camera multiple times and verbally degrades you in between.

Jessica returns home after work still wearing her nylons and high heels when her slave is already waiting for her. She starts teasing him with her sexy feet before she commands him to stick his tongue between the shoe and her nylon-covered foot so she can crush it! She wants him to lick and smell her hot feet after a long day in the shoes and the slave just loves her feet so much he comes in his pants during the video!

Chloe was introduced to femdom by her older sister Chanel and today she'll sit on a slave's face for the first time in her life - but she's a natural! She's wearing short panties for this session and sits right down on the poor fucks face. She's extremely mean and dominant by nature and has a lot of fun smothering the slave under her gorgeous butt.

Mistress Cassandra and Lady Nivia are sitting right obverse to you as they tell you that you are going to be their slave. First you will think that those ladies are making a bad joke but then as you try to get up and walk away you will see that you can't because their words have already infect your minds and thoughts. You keep listen to their words and stare at their soles as if it would be the nicest thing you have ever seen. It's too late to escape. You will get nowhere.

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