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Jill Diamond is wearing sexy black boots with sharp metal heels and a nurse outfit for this trampling session. She steps on the slave's stomach and her heels sink in deep. She loves the slave's screams every time she digs her heels into his soft flesh and she tramples his whole chest underneath. She even puts all of her weight on the heels only a few times to cause maximum pain!

The SadoSisters have just enslaved their father! He was always staring at their feet and then it was all clear: He wasn't any better than all those slaves who worship them daily. So they made him kneel on the ground in front of them as they commanded him to lick their shoes clean. Things will never be the same he thought as he began tongue bathing their shoes...

Mistress Melissa makes her slave shut up. She forced him to lie on the ground while she sits on his chest and smokes her cigarette. She keeps blowing her smoke right into his face and later she even forces him to inhale her cigarette smoke. Then she drops her ashes on the palms of his hands and humiliates him by making him eat it all for her.

Mercedes comes back from her daily workout and wants to humiliate her pathetic slave. First she forces him to get his nose into her armpits - which are literally dripping from her sweat. But she has more sweaty body parts to use - next she presses her sweaty ass on his nose after pulling down the pants she wore for the training. But she kept the most stinky part for the final - her feet - right out of her sneakers which she wore without socks!

Mistress Kaylee farts right into your face in this clip. She makes you get closer to her perfect ass. One time you can see her wearing white trousers then she wears blue jeans and later it's just a jeans skirt. She keeps farting directly into your mouth and nose all the time and makes sure you inhale her gas.

Mistress Nadia and Lady Joey have trapped Walter their slave between their sexy asses. Nadia and Walter are lying on the ground. Walter's mouth and nose is stuck between Nadia's sexy ass while Joey sits on his head to push him deep into Nadia's ass. Two asses are dominating him and he cannot escape.

Mistress Tatiana forced her foot slave to smell the extremely stinky inside of her sneakers. She wore the sneakers just a few minutes ago - returning from a long jogging run and they're literally wet on the inside as she wore them without socks!

Mistress Celine wears her sexy pink dress in this clip. She has put her ex boyfriend onto the ground where she smothers him with her full weight. He claims that he never cheated her but the pictures she received from a girlfriend proof the opposite. Now it's time to punish and torture this little loser.

Mistress Mikaila makes her foot slut lick her dirty boots clean. She sits on a chair and relaxes while his tongue rubs the dirt off her soles. After he is done, he is allowed to take off his Mistress shoes and begin sniffing her stinky nylon feet. Then he is also allowed to strip them down just to worship her pretty bare feet.

Miss Lana just had a fight with her boyfriend and wants to take out some anger on this slave. She puts him on a leash and starts to slap his face viciously. This 18 y.o. hottie already beats the shit out of the slave but then Lady Pam joins her and starts to beat up the slave too - now he's in real trouble as the beauties know no limits, no mercy!

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