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Mistress Gaia does not like anyone wasting her time. This guy did and he had to pay for it. She wanted actual money because for her time was money. But he was broke and could not afford to pay her what she had asked. So she chose to punish him in other ways. She tied him up and with the help of her friend, they whipped him till he cried like a baby. They also humiliated his girlfriend.

Mistress Gaia wanted information. This guy was determined to hold on to it. He did not want to give it to her and was prepared to hold on to the information for as long as she was able to. But she had other ideas. She stripped him naked and she tied him up. She also tied his balls with a string and pulled it hard. She then whipped him to add more pain to him. When he could not stand the pain anymore, he gave her the information.

When it comes to humiliating guys, this mistress is experienced. She loves it and she likes to use her good looks to do it. She does not care what the slave thinks or feels. She likes to do what she feels like and that is what she did today as she teased this loser with her ass and then used the same ass to humiliate him by facesitting on him, farting on him and choking him.

Mistress Rebeka did not like how late her slave came home. She had warned him about it but it seemed like he did not listen to her. She let him into the house but she hit him as he came inside. She continued all the way to the bedroom where she had him lick her bare feet. She humiliated him and had him promise never to come late again. She told him if he did, he would have only himself to blame.

Mistress Venus likes slaves who are fast learners. She is an impatient slave and she has no time to keep teaching them things all the time. Today she made her slave kneel down with his hands behind his back when he messed up. She tied his hands to his back so that he would not resist what she wanted to do to him. She then rained heavy and hard slaps on his face.

Mistress Gaia wanted to get her slave to learn a lesson and a painful one at that. So she tied him up and then she placed him in a body bag before she put him in the bathtub. She filled it with water and he was so scared that she was going to drown him that he pissed on himself. She was just playing with him and having fun at his expense.

Mistress Gaia knew her lover was dying to try BDSM. So she tied her up and she rendered her defenseless and helpless. She then took a whip and whipped her lightly but painfully. She facesat on her lover's face and she choked her a little before she took a vibrator and used it to play with her pussy.She then made love to her. She made her feel both pain and pleasure at the same time and she had the best time of her life.

When it comes to punishing and humiliating guys, no one does it better than this mistress. She knows what to do to each slave. She does not do the same thing to each slave. She customizes her punishments to make sure they are effective. That is what she did to this one as she spat into his mouth. She degraded him by making him swallow her spit and he learned his lesson.

Madame Marissa was not impressed with this loser. She wanted him to learn to work harder. He was used to sleeping, eating and watching movies. She had not brought him to her house to do those things. She did not mind him doing them as long as he was useful around the house. So she crushed his hands by placing them on a surface and then jumping on them using her boots.

When mistress Anica realized that her slave was lying to her, she knew it was time to show him the real her. She had been taking it easy on him but now she had to show him that she was not one to mess with. She tied him up while he was only wearing his boxer and she crushed his balls using her boots. She told him that if he would not change, he should expect that on a regular basis.

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