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Mistress Carla knows that her ass is looking hot and she does not hesitate to dominate guys using it. The mistress knew that the best way to handle it with this loser was to make him watch as she changed her thongs and to flaunt her ass and her asshole before she used them to dominate him. He had to lick her asshole before she was done with him completely.

Lady Naomi wanted total obedience from her slave and that is why she chose to scare him with her strapon. She told him how she was going to fuck him in the ass and he got so scared that he never wanted to deal with him at all. The mistress laughed at the guy as he got scared and made him agree to do what she had asked him to do.

Mistress Scarlet White wanted her friend to learn how to trample and to facesit so she showed her practically how to do it. The mistress had a great time with the friend as they trampled on a loser they had flirted with and lured to their house. He did not know what they had planned for him and thought it was just to have fun and possibly a threesome with them.

When this mistress's husband cheated on her and she found out, she knew that she had to do something to him which was to use her strapon to fuck him in the ass. He was straight and so he had never done it before. So she used her strapon to fuck him and she did not use lube. He felt pain he had never felt before and he cried and never cheated again.

Mistress Nica knew her neighbor's wife had traveled and that was why he was hitting on her. She was pissed about it and had to teach him to learn to be faithful to his wife. So she turned him into a foot licker and had him lick the soles of her gumboots. He cried and wished he had done what she asked him but he did not and it was a liability for him.

Mistress Stephanie was out to kill two birds with a single stone and that is why she had her pussy licked and she facesat the guy at the same time. The mistress had a great time doing it but the same could not be said of the loser who was in pain and was humiliated like never before. He had to be beg her for her to stop what she was doing to him.

Mistress Sabrina felt that this guy needed to be taught a lesson he had never been taught before. That is why the mistress chose to use her feet to dominate the guy. She was not necessarily going for the most painful or humiliating punishment. All she wanted was one he had never been through before. And that is why she cruelly crushed him with her smelly feet and had him such her dirty toes.

Mistress Iside wanted to use her charm on this guy and the reason behind it was that she wanted to control him after which she was going to make him do crazy things for her sake. She did not hesitate to make him do those things. And she laughed at him as he struggled to lick her feet and be the foot slave that she had always wanted to have.

Mistress Alexandra wanted to dominate this girl because she was not obedient. The mistress felt that she needed to take care of the girl and she did it with her whip. She stripped her naked before she used the whip on her naked butt. The girl was in the pain of a lifetime and it taught her a lesson she had never been taught before. That is what changed her.

Mistress Jardena was not going to allow her husband be irresponsible. He had picked up that habit recently and she thought it would go away but it did not and she had to intervene. She did and she made it a cruel and painful affair for him. And that is how he learned his lesson the hard and cruel way. He never messed with her again after that and he went back to being a responsible husband.

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