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Mistress Natasha is the kind of person who pisses off people for the sake of it. She does not care what anyone thinks of her and she loves to go out of her way to humiliate them. This guy brought himself for humiliation by trying to seduce her. Mistress Natasha took advantage of it and she got him to lick her feet and her shoes before she chased him away.

Mistress Kim felt that she had to punish this loser cruelly for what he had done. She was not pleased with the nonsense she had seen from him and she chose to use her bare feet to punish him. She made her feet smelly and she used them to dominate and humiliate the guy. He knew she was capable of much more so she had to change to avoid being tortured.

Mistress BlackDiamoond teased her boss to get a raise. She knew her boss had a thing for her ass so she exploited it and she made him lick her ass and smell it and that is how she got a raise. He wanted to do more to her ass and she told him for that, she would need a promotion. So she told him to work on a promotion package and then they would talk.

Mistress Valentina was in a bad mood when she got home. She did not want anyone to disturb her. But her boyfriend did not take the hint and he pissed her off. She took out her anger on him by making him lick her bare feet. She also had the guy lick her socks as well as her shoes. She slapped him too before she felt better and her anger subsided.

Mistress Megan did not want to have sex with her boyfriend so she used a clever way to avoid doing it. She asked her boyfriend to lick her feet and to lick her shoes and the guy was so horny that he chose to do that. She had told him that since she was not in the mood, that was the quickest way to get her turned on. But she was not. Instead, he got turned off.

Lady Krasaviza felt that she was owed an apology by her slave. She did not want the slave to redo the mistake he had done so she used the balls from her billiards table to torture him. She used the balls to hit the guy in the balls. She cruelly made it painfully so that the loser would not have a reason to say or do anything she did not like.

Goddess Lena used her smoking fetish to dominate and torture these losers. She had given them an assignment but they had not done it to her standards. She was pissed as the work had to be done again. She turned them into her slaves and she trampled them using her high heels as well as with her cigarette. She got them to be her human ashtrays before she let them go.

Mistress Cama likes guys who are in shape. Her new boyfriend was out of shape and she asked him to work out but he did not. She did her best but he always found a reason not to. She got fed up today and she used her cigarette to humiliate him. She made him her human ashtray and she dominated him as cruelly as she could. She only let him go when he agreed to work out.

Mistress Lynna was not amused by how quiet this loser was. She did not want such a quiet person in her house because she did not know what he was thinking and what he was planning. She was uncomfortable in her own house and it was not ok with her. She had to make him loosen up a little and she did this by trampling and humiliating him using her foot fetish.

Mistress Anfisa was told of all the things this loser had done while she was away. She wanted to know whether it was true and she asked him. She wanted it to come from him first. She asked him but he hesitated to tell her. She got impatient and she used her foot fetish to humiliate him. He had to lick her soles and eat crushed bananas from the floor and from her soles. He told her.

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